October 23, 2010

Saturday. uni

University. about 30% of graduates from our school end up at uni the year after grade twelve. Im planning to go to a prac-based university here in the city doing a bachelor of education. I always knew i was going to be a teacher. I've never really thought of what else i would/could do. People have been telling me lately that there are no jobs around for teachers at the moment. This scares me - more so because i have no idea what else i would do, if i weren't teaching...
A few friends of mine were recently accepted into the state university here. It's known as the top university - the academic one. They are both doing a Bachelor of Music, and i'm so very proud of them. They are both very academic students, which is why they aspired to go to this particular university. It's the best in the state, in many aspects. Me on the other hand, i prefer sub-standard.



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  1. You will make a brilliant teacher because you will teach from the heart~!