September 14, 2013

sunday. a poem for father's day

my father is a poet, so this father's day i chose to write him a poem of his own.

My Father Is

My father is a poet,
he writes of things he's known.
My father is a town crier,
always loud and on the go.

My father is a performer, 
always drawing in a crowd.
My father is an optimist,
it takes a lot to get him down.

My father is a character,
he knows how to make me smile.
My father is a funnyman,
well, he's funny for a while...

My father is a songbird,
always whistling a tune.
My father is a goofball,
but hey, I'm a goofball too!


September 10, 2013

tuesday. apple spinach sludge (smoothie)

I'm not sure if fruit smoothies are MEANT to be foamy and sludgey but i just love it that way for some reason. Chewy chunks of apple and a strange thick but light consistency. I guess it reminds me that it's really freakin' healthy. For this one i used 3 small red apples, 2 cups of spinach leaves and half a cup of water (with a bit more added at the end if you so wish)

I tried blending the water and spinach first, and adding the apple after to push it all down, but it took a fair bit of shaking of the blender to get it all blitzed. The PULSE function proved very useful lol!