April 9, 2011

sunday. update!

we've undergone a design overhaul!

okay, so maybe not an "overhaul" .. but we do have a lovely new banner up the top there. see it? just up there. no, further up. there yet? yep. isn't it lovely? this update, for the sake of being aesthetically pleasing, is care of Plumrose Lane - you can find a button with the link to her page on the left sidebar. she has heaps of backgrounds, headers, badges, buttons, etc. she also offers specially designed blog elements, which is what i've taken advantage of.

also, you may find i now have a cute badge on the right sidebar which you can add to your blog if you so desire. alternatively, you can stare at it for a while and appreciate how colourful and pretty it is. which is what i've been doing most of the morning.

i am thankful for the artistic people - making up for the existence of people like me.

bye for now

April 5, 2011

tuesday. poetry

so my father dearest writes poetry. he's lovely. so is his writing. you should check it out. it's just launched, so follow and check in every once in a while!

i am thankful for public creative writing outlets.

bye for now