August 4, 2012

Important Olympic Talk

Gee. Long jumpers sure do like a good startup clap from the crowd to egg them on.

#everysingletime #longjump #Wattsilver

Important Olympic Talk

Where's the logic in runners and sprinters wearing loads of makeup during their races? Surely it's going to sweat off and look terrible anyway.


August 3, 2012

Important Olympic Talk

You would think at the professional Olympic level these shot putters are at, they would know which way to walk out of the circle. 3 fouls from 6 shots?! Come on.

#shotput #ridiculous

Important Olympic Talk

Why do Olympians feel compelled to put their medals in their mouths?

August 2, 2012

Important Olympic Talk

You know Basketball is getting tough when an official has to come out and mop the sweat off the floor.

#Basketball #ChinaVSAustralia

Important Olympic Talk

If that country had a Scrabble set, their V's would only be worth like 1 point ...

#Basketball #AustraliaVSBulgaria