April 27, 2012

friday. Holy Musical, B@man!

HOLY MOLY, BLOGSPOT! is that a bob? are they even allowed on the internet?

in other news, StarKid just released their new production - Holy Musical, B@man! - not original, but does that really matter when Joe Walker gets to strut around stage in a batman mask? although it does drag on in some parts, the music is OUTSTANDING and Jeff Blim makes his StarKid Theatre Company debut!! he is absolutely fantastic! the most professional and believable one of the lot, this time round! as believable as a candy-themed villain can be, at least. you can catch all the action HERE

also newsworthy, next week is my last for this semester! tuesday the 8th of May i will be venturing into the uncharted waters that is my first Prac experience! i am very lucky indeed to have scored a local school - and i know all the shortcuts to get there in time, as the cross country track for our high school ran literally around the primary school! crazy times. also, you know, im partnered in a classroom with my boyfriend's older sister. which is insane. in a lovely way. hopefully now i won't stress and freak out with a gorgeous friendly face around for five long weeks in a new school. i hope i don't get lost (but i know i most definitely will).

SCORE! currently watching football. 26 minutes in and already 16-0. im not quite sure i understand all the rules yet, but since i started watching mid last year, i think it's ... pretty alright. i think i enjoy yelling at the TV screen more than the details of the game itself. when two teams are playing, and neither of them are my team, i have no idea who im going for. whoever is winning, usually. yep, im definitely a sports fanatic. hm

i am thankful for manly and muscley men running around in short shorts, with their dreds tied up in ponytails. 

bye for now