October 23, 2010

Saturday. hola

My name is Rhiannon. i am Sixteen. I'm almost finished with High School. I am lucky to have a boyfriend whom i love, and who treats me well. I have three best friends; they are like sisters to me and i love them with all of my heart. They are usually more like family to me than my actual blood relatives. Yes i sneak out. No i won't break into your house or steal from your store, so please stop glaring at me. I have a job at a jewellery store. Every girl's dream, right? I come from a broken family. They're hard to deal with sometimes, but i manage. I like taking pictures. I have too many on facebook. It's a little sad, really. i overempathise, overdramatise, and i dont easily forgive and forget. i dislike grudges, but i find i can easily have them. i like to think i'm mature enough to know everything about the world, but the fact is i dont; in this way, i'm much like every other teenager.

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