January 6, 2011

Friday. oh my

i cut my hair quite short yesterday. here's a picture. interesting, i know.


January 5, 2011

Wednesday. travel

so now that we've finished high school and are moving on to university it seems people are very much accepting and embracing their newfound independance. a friend of mine will soon be travelling to Sydney  to attend university there. i have known her since grade eight, so it is definately a strange thought - her not being around. although we are planning on travelling down to Sydney to visit her in a month or two.

Another friend of mine is going on exchange soon for an entire year to France. instead of university, that is.. so she'll be sort've repeating grade twelve. except in another country. i have known her since grade three, and she is like a sister to me. however, knowing that she's coming back at the end of her journey always makes feel better about letting her go (:
as for myself, i have always longed to travel to England, as i have a lot of family there. plus i would love to see snow for the first time. at the moment, i am thinking about applying for a transfer to England for a semester of prac teaching during my (education) university course.

bye for now