January 1, 2015


I ...

quit my job
completed Auslan II
graduated with a bachelors degree (with honours)
participated in a voice-off weekend
enrolled in TAFE for 2015

October 29, 2014


This time last year I was technically still a teenager. Now I'm three days away from finishing my final internship for my bachelors degree. 

Hard to believe I've been teaching full time for 6 weeks.


September 9, 2014

Tuesday. rhiannon, aka "hey coach!"

as a kid i grew sick of hockey, after 8+ years of following the family around hockey parks and working in the park canteen for a few seasons. this year, after some time away, i got back into coaching and it blew me away how quickly i fell back in love.

now i haven't seen a proper full-field game for years (coaching 6-8 year olds this year meant we played short quarter field and half field games) and i probably wouldn't have picked myself to be watching a grand final game for funsies this time last year, but there i was cheering sam's team on.

they won 6-0, with a goal in the first ten seconds and in aftertime! exciting. never did i think i'd voluntarily watch another game of hockey. let's hope i have time next year to continue coaching.