December 17, 2010

Saturday. results

we received our senior schooling results today. each person who completes secondary college (year 12) receives a QCE - Queensland Certificate of Education. we also receive an OP score - Overall Position. it's set on a scale from 1 being the highest achievement to 25 being the lowest. OP1s are quite difficult to acquire; but well worth the effort i believe, as they garantee you entry into any course you desire at university. most schools aim for their students to receive an OP1 - OP10.
i awoke this morning bright and early, eager to find out my results. the course i listed as my first preference for university next year is a Bachelor in Education - Primary. teaching. this requires an OP between 1 and 13.
i received an OP9! this means i am almost certainly going to study at my preferenced university, doing the course ive always known i would love.
oh dear. i guess it's time to think about growing up then..


December 16, 2010

Thursday. moments in time

some people say adolescents don't know the true meaning of love. that we can't feel true love at its fullest. we are, after all, still growing. still maturing. i don't know, sometimes i agree with this. but then something amazing happens and i feel complete. i think teenage love is the most potent. the most innocent (most of the time). the most fleeting, perhaps, but still... it has purpose. meaning. in this moment; in this time. in this phase of our lives. it makes us feel confident in our own ways and casts our self-concious thinking and endless worries to the winds.
after all, what's more important in life than this moment? this one fleeting moment.


December 12, 2010

Monday. belief

i wouldn't say i'm a very religious person... my family doesn't go to church or bear crosses. there are just some things i believe in. i believe that there is a sort of balance in the world; good and evil, light and dark, a balance between what we desire and what we receive. a balanced universe, for whatever reasons.
i believe that death is necessary to the circle of life. i'm not quite sure what happens after death; an afterlife? reincarnation? making myself believe there is something to look forward to makes it a whole lot easier to accept death as a part of life.
most of all, i believe in fate - everything happening for a reason, and everything being part of a larger plan. not created by a greater being, but by life itself. that makes sense, right? this in turn makes it easier to accept things that happen. events that we can't control, and mistakes that we make.
i like to believe i am open minded.