February 9, 2013

sunday. new [out]look

cut my hair off.

my belief: everyone has a path in this lifetime. every one of us has something to give back, to add to the collective. while im in my 3rd year at university, i was starting to think i wouldn't figure out what my something was - being a regular classroom teacher was no longer appealing to me as a passion. and so, i realised. an alarm bell went off in my head, as if to say - rhiannon, this is what you're meant to do.

and so, i start my journey learning sign language. i have always wanted to, but only now does it seem attainable. at the moment i am thinking i will finish my degree with two Deaf Australia certificates (AUSLAN I and AUSLAN II 8 week courses) and then go on to complete cert II and then cert III in AUSLAN at TAFE.
combining an education degree and sign language feels so natural and right.

it's nice to have a plan.