December 29, 2012

sunday. what is my life

i wrote this on my phone at 11:46pm mid anxiety attack.

I walked past a cat the other day just napping under a hedge. He was probably there for hours.
Don't you just feel like sometimes society is giving you this template for your life and you're like... why can't i just be a cat enjoying the sunlight? Why must i go through expensive education to receive a degree for a job ill probably be stuck in for the rest of my life just so i can afford to live in a house and eat and survive?
No other species of animal has evolved so far as to create a society that will only give after it takes. Not that i don't enjoy higher order thinking or a concept of self.
Why can't i just live? Enjoy this wonderfully colourful and miraculous world and not have to worry about someone one day taking my car away because im not making payments, or my house because im not working for somebody else in an office job that will make me want to jump out of the window of whatever high rise building i have to trudge to every morning.
We only have one life and dammit i want to see every corner f this world and enjoy food of every culture. i want to swim in pristine clear water and sit under a waterfall. i want to walk on cobblestone roads and discover hidden shops in secret alleyways. I want to run in the rain, and i want to lay like a cat in the sunlight without the world expecting so much of me in return. I just want to live.


December 26, 2012

wednesday. uncertainty

close to the end of grade 7, before graduating primary school, our teachers asked us to write down what we wanted to achieve in life. a career or calling for the future we wanted to share with our family and friends upon graduating.
and so, that children were called up to collect their graduating certificate while being dubbed a "future millionaire" or "ben just wants to live in a big mansion". and so it also came to be that i was called to collect my certificate. "Rhiannon - when rhiannon grows up, she wants to study early childhood education".

i always thought from an early grade school age that i wanted to work with kids. to teach. i never questioned it all through high school, i had apparently made up my mind without really considering anything else. 

now, half way through my 4 year degree, i find myself with no strong feelings for teaching. no strong feelings for any profession. and so i find myself uncertain of what i will do my eventual degree in primary education (my vision altered slightly from grade school) or if i will even use it at all in my future.

who says we need a big fancy career? a doctor, a teacher, a nurse, an engineer, a lawyer. i would be perfectly happy working in a little shop, i think. 


October 15, 2012

tuesday. did i mention im blonde?

tuesday. tumbling through cyberspace

sometimes i rediscover old social media sites and laugh because im so freaking funny.
/no - but i did like this one.

sometimes when i feel pressured or overwhelmed, the symptoms of stress and insecurity, i close my eyes and take a single deep breath. although soon after i realise, reassuring as it is, it cannot erase the cause of my distress; only delay my eventual insanity.


August 7, 2012

Important Olympic Talk

wish i could watch a full game of Olympic hockey on the apparent full coverage #Gem. that means without ad breaks, and without cutting to races where australians aren't even competing.

#sickof9 #GOHOCKEYROOS #AustraliaVSPakistan

Important Olympic Talk

Holy moly! These basketballers score so freakin' often! ... Oh no, it's a highlights package.

#showmethematchGem #highlightsareforschmucks #AustraliaVSRussia #boomers

August 4, 2012

Important Olympic Talk

Gee. Long jumpers sure do like a good startup clap from the crowd to egg them on.

#everysingletime #longjump #Wattsilver

Important Olympic Talk

Where's the logic in runners and sprinters wearing loads of makeup during their races? Surely it's going to sweat off and look terrible anyway.


August 3, 2012

Important Olympic Talk

You would think at the professional Olympic level these shot putters are at, they would know which way to walk out of the circle. 3 fouls from 6 shots?! Come on.

#shotput #ridiculous

Important Olympic Talk

Why do Olympians feel compelled to put their medals in their mouths?

August 2, 2012

Important Olympic Talk

You know Basketball is getting tough when an official has to come out and mop the sweat off the floor.

#Basketball #ChinaVSAustralia

Important Olympic Talk

If that country had a Scrabble set, their V's would only be worth like 1 point ...

#Basketball #AustraliaVSBulgaria

June 26, 2012

tuesday. knowledge

we place so much importance on knowledge that is essentially useless to us in life. i have never travelled to the capital of Japan, and nor do i plan to in the near future. if i was to, however, i would learn the city's name. if i have not yet experienced something, how am i expected to be an expert on it already? Why should i learn another language, if i have no intention of living or visiting the country at this stage in my life? i should learn another language after deciding i want to visit there. that only seems logical and necessary. what?

can you imagine in the days before the internet and tertiary education. before education was more than life skills. would people have known all these general knowledge tidbits and random facts that we are now so focused upon mastering? they would spend their lives mastering skills and knowledge that is essential to their living. learning how to plough a field, learning how to fish for food. not learning the names and initialisms for chemicals. what use is that to them?

on the other hand, teaching kids about ancient egypt is not just aimed at filling them with knowledge that is no longer relevant to their survival in the world - it also teaches them how to learn. how to think. how to collaborate and be a part of a society that believes in something - a society that believes in knowledge and the right to attain as much of it as possible - even though only a tiny amount of it is actually essential to your being in this world. right now.

i have never travelled to the capital of Japan, and nor do i plan to in the near future. so... how and why do i know it's Tokyo?


May 23, 2012

wednesday. doctor, my doctor.

so Steven Moffat needs to start pumping out Doctor Who: Series 7, like ... now. please.

here's a link for a song i wrote based on Doctor Who (story arc: "the master")

Click Me!

bye for now

May 17, 2012

thursday. jazz hands

soo this is my current laptop background...

i do miss musical theatre after having to leave last year! the ill fitting 50's costumes. the old musty smell of the attic dressing room. the neon green "green room". the flooding every time it rained. the touring around queensland on a musical bus!
ive been trying to find somewhere to channel my musical urges. a casual, no commitment Musical Theatre Jazz Class? what if 10 years of amateur theatre is actually nothing compared to real dance classes?

not even joking.


May 15, 2012

tuesday. the gift of giving

so it definitely sounds cliche enough, but i never really realised how much i enjoy giving gifts. i love spending time planning out what gift, birthday or the like, would make someone smile. something that would make them burst out in hysterical laughter, or maybe sigh in awe. knowing that you can give them something that causes them to be truly happy is such a rewarding feeling!
my favourite kind of gift giving is the surprise kind. seeing something you know someone in particular would love, and getting it for them even though it's not a special occasion... it truly makes me happy of heart!

try it; trust me.


May 9, 2012

wednesday. "Coffee, Kids, and Compulsive Lists"

holy smokes! im currently on my second day of a four week prac placement at a primary school in my local area. what an adventure it's been so far! meeting the kids, goggling at the teacher who i simply cannot fault... 

ive started to find a variety of teaching resources on the net to add to my stash for future years and assignments. one of the most interesting places ive been lately is the blog "Coffee, Kids, and Compulsive Lists". I absolutely COULD NOT BELIEVE this blog is run by only a beginner teacher! she's only new to the game but boy, has she got some smashing resources. booklets, unit and lesson plans, oh dear. i could spend hours looking through them.
im also really impressed with the Teachers Pay Teachers site as well - allowing teachers to voluntarily post units and lessons for sale (or sometimes free). 

it's a whole new world.


April 27, 2012

friday. Holy Musical, B@man!

HOLY MOLY, BLOGSPOT! is that a bob? are they even allowed on the internet?

in other news, StarKid just released their new production - Holy Musical, B@man! - not original, but does that really matter when Joe Walker gets to strut around stage in a batman mask? although it does drag on in some parts, the music is OUTSTANDING and Jeff Blim makes his StarKid Theatre Company debut!! he is absolutely fantastic! the most professional and believable one of the lot, this time round! as believable as a candy-themed villain can be, at least. you can catch all the action HERE

also newsworthy, next week is my last for this semester! tuesday the 8th of May i will be venturing into the uncharted waters that is my first Prac experience! i am very lucky indeed to have scored a local school - and i know all the shortcuts to get there in time, as the cross country track for our high school ran literally around the primary school! crazy times. also, you know, im partnered in a classroom with my boyfriend's older sister. which is insane. in a lovely way. hopefully now i won't stress and freak out with a gorgeous friendly face around for five long weeks in a new school. i hope i don't get lost (but i know i most definitely will).

SCORE! currently watching football. 26 minutes in and already 16-0. im not quite sure i understand all the rules yet, but since i started watching mid last year, i think it's ... pretty alright. i think i enjoy yelling at the TV screen more than the details of the game itself. when two teams are playing, and neither of them are my team, i have no idea who im going for. whoever is winning, usually. yep, im definitely a sports fanatic. hm

i am thankful for manly and muscley men running around in short shorts, with their dreds tied up in ponytails. 

bye for now

March 19, 2012

monday. eight months? is that even legal?

so, it's been a while. so nice to see you again!

so things have been pretty hectic since we last spoke. mid semester - second year educational degree. im not too disappointed with my GPA - but i know i can improve upon it. it's important to have goals, no matter how small. in just a few short weeks they will place me into a school somewhere. i expect a good portion of our cohort will drop out after our first prac. maybe they realise teaching isn't for them - maybe they realise they actually, to their disbelief, quite dislike tiny people covered in mud running amuck. im hoping for the best, of course. but who knows. don't fail me now, universe. im counting on you.

i love being organised for university. the mountains of folders and organisers. heaven. i look around and see, at a glance, draws of blue tack and scrapbooks. a newsagent bag filled with pipecleaners in varying colours and sizes. googley eyes. an open filing cabinet filled with past assignments and future folders empty, waiting to be filled. GPA 6 please this year, UNI gods.

finished my last year of musical theatre training last year - 10 years in total. wow. that was quite a long time. i think ill miss it soon enough. though i wonder if i will ever find anything as ... amateurish, yet fulfilling, as the company.

i am thankful for breezy autumn/winter. jeans weather. brilliant.

happy monday.

bye for now,