May 17, 2012

thursday. jazz hands

soo this is my current laptop background...

i do miss musical theatre after having to leave last year! the ill fitting 50's costumes. the old musty smell of the attic dressing room. the neon green "green room". the flooding every time it rained. the touring around queensland on a musical bus!
ive been trying to find somewhere to channel my musical urges. a casual, no commitment Musical Theatre Jazz Class? what if 10 years of amateur theatre is actually nothing compared to real dance classes?

not even joking.


May 15, 2012

tuesday. the gift of giving

so it definitely sounds cliche enough, but i never really realised how much i enjoy giving gifts. i love spending time planning out what gift, birthday or the like, would make someone smile. something that would make them burst out in hysterical laughter, or maybe sigh in awe. knowing that you can give them something that causes them to be truly happy is such a rewarding feeling!
my favourite kind of gift giving is the surprise kind. seeing something you know someone in particular would love, and getting it for them even though it's not a special occasion... it truly makes me happy of heart!

try it; trust me.