July 26, 2013

saturday. brownie time

In mild disbelief that this is actually my life- making brownies on a Saturday morning with jack in our own place. He's been here 6 weeks, but it's like I've just moved in. 

saturday. Europe tours

After writing a huge post about our scotland trip and having it disappear into the void, I kindve gave up on blogging. Plus it was hard to keep up with what day of the week it was with so much stuff packed in during both tours. 
Basically, Scotland was scenic and beautiful and rocky and surprisingly not that rainy. We went to the Orkney islands up top where I could no longer feel my face it was that cold, and to the aisle of Skye. To Glasgow and then back to Edinburgh, where if feels the most liveable of everywhere we travelled in Scotland. 
After Scotland we got back to London where it was no longer jacket and jeans weather, but rather freaking hot. Didnt see that one coming. Apparently this summer has seen their hottest day in 7 years (the day HRH prince georgie was born). I got my hair/fringe cut in London on a whim before starting our Europe tour. 
The Europe tour proved to be pretty memorable. We saw so much in 18 days and had a great bunch of people to travel with. More people my age than the previous tour (where my mum was among the youngest). From Germany to the Netherlands to Italy and France. Every tourist shop In amsterdam was filled with penis shaped goods and hash cookies. Italy gave this ghostly white English girl the best gift of all - a slight tan. France was just beautiful, from the pebblestone beaches to the perfumeries to the cafes with all chairs facing out onto the boulevard, as if they're saying "yeah, we know we're beautiful". 
You really can't sum it all up in one post. My Instagram tells a pretty good story though if you scroll through the pictures. (Handle: RhiannonKimberley)

Now I'm home with my gorgeous man, in blunt disbelief that I'm actually moved out of home.