December 31, 2013

2013: a year of firsts

This year i

moved out of home
acquired a cat
bought a spice rack and filled it half with sprinkles
travelled by plan outside of australia
visited my family's hometown in england
visited loch ness
climbed the eiffel tower
rode a double decker bus
visited louis vuitton in paris
bought an exercise bike
watched someone else eat snails
found a tardis in scotland
visited stonehenge a day before chris colfer
saw the roman baths in bath
venice canal ride with a singing guy in stripes
bought explicitly shaped gummy bears
saw grease the musical
shopped at top shop
rode a horse and cart in austria
tried haggus
ate pasta in rome
bought merano glass in venice
bought chips at the monte carlo casino in monaco
took an australian sign language class
watched friends play soccer with random kids in italy
rode a carousel like 4 different times
bought a clock from the black forest
visited harrods
rode the tube
saw the queen in person
tasted chocolate and toffee covered popcorn
had a picture in front of the colosseum
ate chinese food with my grandmother in hertfordshire
ended up in a hospital in paris for 3 days
rode down the nile
stared out at mount vesuvius
felt the pain of pebblestone beaches in sorrento and nice
read a john green novel
did the chicken dance in switzerland
found assorted european coins laying around the house
watched the 50th anniversary doctor who
saw 3 musicals on the west end

and all for the first time.