March 19, 2012

monday. eight months? is that even legal?

so, it's been a while. so nice to see you again!

so things have been pretty hectic since we last spoke. mid semester - second year educational degree. im not too disappointed with my GPA - but i know i can improve upon it. it's important to have goals, no matter how small. in just a few short weeks they will place me into a school somewhere. i expect a good portion of our cohort will drop out after our first prac. maybe they realise teaching isn't for them - maybe they realise they actually, to their disbelief, quite dislike tiny people covered in mud running amuck. im hoping for the best, of course. but who knows. don't fail me now, universe. im counting on you.

i love being organised for university. the mountains of folders and organisers. heaven. i look around and see, at a glance, draws of blue tack and scrapbooks. a newsagent bag filled with pipecleaners in varying colours and sizes. googley eyes. an open filing cabinet filled with past assignments and future folders empty, waiting to be filled. GPA 6 please this year, UNI gods.

finished my last year of musical theatre training last year - 10 years in total. wow. that was quite a long time. i think ill miss it soon enough. though i wonder if i will ever find anything as ... amateurish, yet fulfilling, as the company.

i am thankful for breezy autumn/winter. jeans weather. brilliant.

happy monday.

bye for now,