December 24, 2010

Friday. merry christmas eve!

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas. kind've
with all the rain we've had in the south east lately it just hasn't felt very festive. but here we are, up late on christmas eve, listening to various carols ceremonies as we flick through the TV channels. rum balls in the fridge, chocolate pudding in the oven, and caramel tarts on the bench; their sweet aroma slowly drifting throughout the house. wrapping paper can be found strewn randomly in every direction as everyone rushes to get their presents finished in time. little bits of green plastic "leaves" from our fetching fake christmas tree arn't so easy to get ahold of.

also, as seen in today's picture, i have new glasses :) they are purple. not a surprise, i'm sure. i am also in my lovely hot pink work outfit. oh so attractive ...

my favourite christmas song this year.

Merry almost Christmas!

bye for now

December 22, 2010

Thursday. re: war

here are the results from the poll that's been up for about a month.

Q.Do you think it's worth keeping our troops deployed in the middle east?
Yes - 2 votes (7%)
No - 23 votes (85%)
Undecided - 2 votes (2%)