October 6, 2013

monday. my restless heart

There is a river that runs through Glasgow,
And he makes her and he breaks her and he takes her into parts.
And a current just like my blood flows,
Down from the hills, round aching bones to my restless heart.
And on one side all the lights glow,
And the folks know where the kids go when the music and the drinking starts.
And on the other side where no cars go,
Up to the hills, and round aching bones to my restless heart.
Well I would swim but the river is so wide and i’m,
Scared I won’t make it to the other side and well,
God knows I’ve failed but he knows that I’ve tried.
I long for something that’s safe and warm,
But all I have is all that is gone
I was as helpless and as hopeless as a Feather on the Clyde, oh no.
And the sun sets late in Glasgow,
The daylight and the city part.
And I think of you in Glasgow,
‘cause you’re all that’s safe, you’re all that’s warm, my restless heart.
Feather on the Clyde - Passenger