May 5, 2011

friday. iTastic

apple is a funny thing.
10 years ago you would ask someone if they had a music player. these days, you would say "what kind of ipod or iphone do you have?" like it's a prerequisite for adolescence. like an ipod was something completely different to a music player. because really, ipod is just one of many brands - yet we treat them like a whole different product. it's brilliant, really. that one brand can become so popular that their specific product is thought of as a whole new category.
my phone recently broke, and i'm thinking of getting an iphone. because these days, people buy iphones. when you don't have an iphone, it's "oh, you still have your old phone?" .. like iphones are a new product replacing mobile phones altogether.

i am thankful for our reliance on technology. wait, what?

bye for now