May 31, 2013

friday. plumrose lane

i cannot express how much i absolutely love plumrose lane! designed my header and button and i LOVE it still to this day! i've just found a matching post divider on their site and am currently browsing the buttons/badges! 


friday. forgotten drawers - moving!

after months of window shopping, 2 inspections (less than a week!) Jack & i submitted an application to lease. and it was accepted!
it's strange, the things you find when moving! deep in a drawer once forgotten i found a whole heap of photos of Jack & i from years ago. we first dated in year 10 (age 15).

today was final day of classes, and i handed in my final assignment for the semester. less than 2 weeks before i leave for europe! in that time i have to move in to our new place, do 1 exam, and pack my suitcase!! i have most of my room packed up, just clothes to go now - i will only be taking probably a third of my clothing collection with me, at the moment it includes clothes that have been shut in my cupboard for months even years without being worn! i think a few trips to lifeline, our local 2nd hand store, will do the trick nicely. 
i did a trip around the house earlier and picked up photos, dvds, cds, any trinkets around the place that i need to take with me. i wrapped delicate photo frames in packing paper and tucked them away in boxes and containers. at the moment i have 3 boxes and a few smaller containers.
tomorrow Jack & i sign the lease and pick up our keys! i think a good few days of shopping will do the trick! we are taking furniture from both our current homes, so all we really need to buy is a washing machine. but oh i am so excited to buy crockery and kitchen utensils! feminism aside, i can't wait to fill that kitchen with all our own stuff! big tea mugs, pots and pans, a good set of knives... i can't wait to shop!