February 6, 2011

sunday. nymphadora tonks

notice anything different in my badly timed webcam photo today?
on saturday night i went to a seventeenth birthday. it was harry potter themed. so, naturally, after days of trying to choose the right character to dress up as, my mind wandered to nymphadora tonks. tonks is known for her trenchcoats. and changing her facial features and hair on a regular basis. in the movies however, her main hair colour is purple.
i have always wanted to dye my hair purple... (can you see where im going with this?)
yes, i bought three boxes of 8-wash temporary hair dye and by saturday night my head was a lovely shade of burgundy/purple. the colour has started to fade back to a nice dark purple; and i do prefer this over the burgundy.

in other news, im going to sydney next weekend to see an old friend and to catch up with my sister who lives down there in NSW.

bye for now