February 13, 2011

sunday. sydney

so this weekend louise and i decided we'd head down to sydney to visit a good friend of ours. her name is xani, and she recently moved to Sydney (re: travel). we're staying with her for the weekend and so far we've had a lovely trip. after getting up at 2am friday morning to catch a 5am flight, we arrived in sydney at 7:30am.
we went to see a band last night who louise absolutely adores (and who xani has never even heard of) and they were really really great. today we did all the touristy things like walking up the opera house steps and getting pictures in front of the harbour bridge (which i accidentally called the 'story bridge' - what we have in brisbane).
xani lives in a cute terrace house / town housey thing which is really quite nice. 10 minutes from both the city and the airport, she can even walk to uni. jealous.
at first glance, sydney looks pretty much the same as our home town brisbane. however, on close inspection, one finds sydney's outdated bus system is kind've balanced by their awesome train stations and triple-decker trains. they have footmalls in the middle of the city (pitt street), quite like queen street in brisbane. we visited a westfield there today and it was massive. the david jones even had its own food court with everything from butchers to fresh produce to truffles and chocolate covered strawberries (:
we fly back tomorrow around 10am (not another early flight, thankgod).

bye for now