October 23, 2010

Saturday. driving

We get our learner's lisence when we turn sixteen. Although i've been sixteen since last november, i only got my L's lisence this july. Although i've had my L's since july, i only went on my FIRST driving lesson this morning. oh dear! i only steered the car while the professional instructor worked the pedals and gears. It was still quite scary. we went over a few mountain/windy roads. through main road intersections. I am slightly thanataphobic - so my instructor reminding me that "there are no garantees in life" and that "anyone can die at anytime on the roads" sort've freaked me out. Also, letting me know that "someone might have a heart attack and go through traffic lights and hit you" didn't restore my confidence in driving. I have another lesson next saturday. Please schedule a drive if you have heart problems.
A lot of my friends, the same age as me, have their Provisional lisence (P's) already. They drive us around sometimes - they don't need an adult in the car supervising them while they drive anymore.

The system is a bit strange and tedious - when you turn sixteen you can get your L's lisence. After a year and 100 hours of driving in varied conditions, you can get your Green P's. After another year, your Red P's lisence. After this, you are finally on your "Open" Lisence - which basically means you can drive anywhere at anytime with anyone in your car. You are finally free. This couldn't come sooner to some teenagers. This liberates them i guess - still at school and living at home, they don't get much independance or freedom.

I don't mind not being able to drive very well yet. My little suburb is filled with buses that go straight to the city. There are even buses that go directly to my university, so that covers next year. I don't mind still being dependant upon my parents.


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