August 23, 2013

friday. montage to end all montages

In June/July of this year I went to Europe with trafalgar & insight & also did a bit of travelling without a tour company. It was absolutely beautiful and I can hardly believe I did some of the things that I did like climb the Eiffel tower & cruise through venice on a gondola!

I made the following video from iPhone footage taken throughout the 6 week trip!
[copy and paste link below]


August 19, 2013

tuesday. marathon

Jack couldn't believe I had never seen a Star Wars film before! So far we've seen the 'first' two. I'm waiting for Ewan Macgregor!
Star Wars by candlelight, how romantic. 

August 18, 2013

monday. domesticated

Another kind of homemade soup! This time one of ma's recipes. 4 cups of chicken stock and chopped veggies as a one-pot meal! Add ingredients together in a pot and cook until harder veggies like turnips are soft. Super easy! We bought a 'soup pack' at Coles. Includes turnips celery potatoes and carrots. We also added assorted spices from our spice rack. 

Last night we made another of my favourites, curried sausages and winter vegetables over mashed potato. The curry sauce was a packet mix, but everything else was lovingly prepared and lovingly eaten. I'm not much of a red meat eater, but I can't go past this one! 

I live for food.