May 25, 2013

sunday. for rent

yesterday my partner (jack) and i inspected our first property together. we got there an hour early so we could walk around the area and check out the local shopping centre. we instantly loved it! 100m from the train station, and a 10 minute walk to the nearest supermarket. we were therefore disheartened when we didn't fall in love with the property itself when it came time to inspect.

do not plan your life around a property before stepping foot inside! do not rush into anything you aren't 100% sure of! where you live is important. not just the location, but the people living around you. the living conditions. sometimes it just doesn't feel right, and that's okay. do not settle for something you are not happy with!

at least it's a start. now we're sinking our teeth into a different part of Brisbane, checking out various places at once and not getting too intense about it until we actually see the property first hand.
hopefully we'll be moved in somewhere in the next 3 weeks before i leave for Europe! cross your fingers for us!


May 24, 2013

friday. eskimo

Big fur-hooded Eskimo jacket for europe! Seeing these everywhere at the moment. 


May 23, 2013

Europe: Looking Ahead #2 (West End!)

We have a West End in Brisbane. Expensive boutiques and endless parks and gardens. In 3 weeks from today, I will be in FREAKING LONDON and seeing shows on THE West End! oh my rowling.
When we arrive in london we're going to hunt down the 'hole in the wall' where you can buy last-minute tickets etc, and book to see 2 or 3 shows (if we get time in between all the shopping). I'm hoping to see The Book of Mormon! I know ma would like to also see Billy Elliot again, as we saw it years ago when it showed in Sydney AUS. It was so amazing, one of the best i've seen right up there with Wicked. I would also love to see Matilda - the musical based on the book by Roald Dahl (i'm more familiar with the movie). The music was written by one of my absolute favourite musician/comedians Tim Minchin, and from the pieces i've seen so far it looks pretty special (I think it's up for a tony or two as well).

Who knows what we'll see. Either way, it'll be amazing because it will be on THE West End! 

P.S. I'll have to show you my collection of musical theatre programs sometime.

May 19, 2013

monday. hade made

My new purse arrived today! Good timing too, my old wallet is falling apart at the seams. I don't think it can take my key chains and tags!
This is roomy inside and the switch lock on top is easier and less painful than I expected, thank goodness. I think the "hade made" patch on the front is meant to read "hand made" but oh well. It's adorable regardless!