January 27, 2011

thursday. odds and ends

(that's tea by the way.)

i apologise for neglecting you. please know that i really do love you. deep down. i have been persuing other endeavers as of late. i've recently found a steady job with flexible hours, have been accepted into university, and am about to switch my car liscence from a manual to automatic. which makes sense, considering i already have an automatic car. plus now i won't put off driving because im scared of changing gears. much easier i think. also, i've started vlogging. if you don't understand that term, google it. i'm enjoying it so far. my good friend Xanthea got me into it, once i saw how well her vlog was going. she recently moved to sydney. recently, as in today. this makes me sad. but it's okay, i'm going to sydney early february to visit her for a weekend. how exciting. also, i've been progressively getting better at the guitar!

bye for now