January 1, 2011

Saturday. New Years

Happy Two Thousand & Eleven! (Tweleven?)
it's strange to think that within a few short minutes the last year, filled to the brim with countless moments and memories, can just be cast aside as a new year is welcomed. i realise 2011 is the second year of this new decade, but still it makes me wonder... each decade in the 20th century was iconic and unique in its own way. each decade was known for something different to the next. from the hippie era to disco, and then of course the infamous 90's boybands and girl groups. most people say the naughties (2000-2009) will be known for its technological advances. i like to think it won't be our inevitably short-lived, under-aged pop sensations like justin bieber or cody simpson that makes the naughties infamous.

so, really, only one question remains.. what on earth are we meant to call this new decade?! personally, i like "the teensies".