December 16, 2010

Thursday. moments in time

some people say adolescents don't know the true meaning of love. that we can't feel true love at its fullest. we are, after all, still growing. still maturing. i don't know, sometimes i agree with this. but then something amazing happens and i feel complete. i think teenage love is the most potent. the most innocent (most of the time). the most fleeting, perhaps, but still... it has purpose. meaning. in this moment; in this time. in this phase of our lives. it makes us feel confident in our own ways and casts our self-concious thinking and endless worries to the winds.
after all, what's more important in life than this moment? this one fleeting moment.



  1. Hi Rhee!

    You are such a wise girl!! When I was seventeen - eons ago, I did have a true love, it was not just puppy love, my heart sometimes aches for those feelings of so long ago. At seventeen, you are experiencing love in a different way than you will when you are 25. I agree with you, I think it is more potent and there is truly an innocence about it that makes it pure and true.

    I love that you want to live each moment as it comes! All we really have is - here and now - it could all change in a split second! I like your way of thinking!! Make each moment count, make good choices!


  2. There is nothing quite like young love sigh!