April 12, 2013

saturday. hair holidaying

Dyed my hair yesterday. I'm trying to closer to my natural hair colour (monthly trips to the hairdresser are expensive when you're about to move out!).
I love changing my hair colour or style every so often. They say a new look is almost as good as a holiday - boy have I done some holidaying!


  1. Well natural is always nice lol...I have to say I have never had a hairdreeser colour and only 1 home done one when i turned out the colour of a new penny I gave up..I am 64!!!!!!!lol

  2. Our beautiful girl who would look gorgeous with hair of any shade :-)


  3. Monthly trips to hairdresser can Indeed get expensive and have to be moved into the Want column and out of the Need column. I am so very glad that you can see it, Rhi; that's maturity.