May 25, 2013

sunday. for rent

yesterday my partner (jack) and i inspected our first property together. we got there an hour early so we could walk around the area and check out the local shopping centre. we instantly loved it! 100m from the train station, and a 10 minute walk to the nearest supermarket. we were therefore disheartened when we didn't fall in love with the property itself when it came time to inspect.

do not plan your life around a property before stepping foot inside! do not rush into anything you aren't 100% sure of! where you live is important. not just the location, but the people living around you. the living conditions. sometimes it just doesn't feel right, and that's okay. do not settle for something you are not happy with!

at least it's a start. now we're sinking our teeth into a different part of Brisbane, checking out various places at once and not getting too intense about it until we actually see the property first hand.
hopefully we'll be moved in somewhere in the next 3 weeks before i leave for Europe! cross your fingers for us!


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