April 17, 2013

wednesday. back to the 50's - retro bicycles!

I've never been very good with bikes. In grade 6 everyone in my cohort learnt road rules on their bikes, while I was off to one side having bike riding lessons for riding without training wheels! I was a bit uncoordinated and clumsy I guess.
Now, almost 20 and about to move out of home, I find myself without a licence to drive unaccompanied and without the money to buy a car. Bikes seem okay right now. I could attach a basket to the front to do small grocery trips!
I've always LOVED the look of 50's / retro / pastel bikes, and oh my stars. I came across this beauty today while browsing local stores. IT'S SO PRETTY.

Schwinn Fling Cruiser in Salmon



  1. I would absolutely love a bike,where we ive is very hilly,going down would be fine but up!!! whew..I would have a lovely old speedwell one with a basket on the front or one just like the girls ride on "Call the Midwife"..dream on I say to its not too late..I am going to look for one!

    1. Hoorah! Do it! Let me know if you find one!! How exciting.