February 24, 2013

sunday. the other chosen one

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  1. Goodmorning Rhiannon,
    I am up early in the quietness and find you have been back blogging and I have missed you.I have been back to read your last few blogs and seeing what your thoughts have been.It is lovely to see you blogging again.
    In our tiny town we have something so amazing,we have the lady that started our hunter area signing choir,they are just so fantastic to see.They are invited all over and have been overseas as well,all these gorgeous wonderfully talented deaf children enjoying music.I think that learning to sign is a great decission and it will be something you will do all your life.I had to wait until well after i was 40 to travel and I savoured it so much,if I had not married at 21 I would have tried to do all you are wanting to do.
    Having not had a higher education,can I just say that by completing yours will give you the most wonderful achievemnet in the end.It is ok that so many stay at home wives and Mums say they are happy and that it is job in iteslf,can i tell you a secret,almost every one of them would say they deep down wished they had been a teacher,nurse,something.i know i did and all i could do when i needed to go back to work was cleaning etc,there is nothing wrong with this except it would have been wonderful to feel fulfilled.So when you finish you will feel fulfilled and so proud of yourself.
    Lifes choices are hard,so are the ups and downs but at the end of the day we have just one shot at life,take this little time left of your studies to make a little plan for yourself a bucket list if you like,then when your studies are finished and you go out into that big world you will be prepared,you can teach in postings overseas,I know a girl that went to Germany and travelled from there,the world will be your oyster.Just remember you that when you start your working life to always work to live,not live to work and everything wonderful will happen for you.I am so rpoud of what you have done so far,you are very blessed by those who love you dearly.Happy ST Patricks day sweetie.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Carole, it was lovely waking up this morning to your thoughts.
      I have a background in musical theatre as well, and am hoping that the combination of signing, theatre, and an education degree will lead to a world of possibilities, even outside regular classroom teaching!
      I haven't been outside Australia yet, so hopefully this trip overseas will open my eyes to a love of travelling! I have always wanted to live in England as my Dad's (HeartPoet's) side of the family mostly reside there.
      Thank you for stopping by! Rhi