January 15, 2011

Sunday. a.j.

this morning i had the absolute pleasure of meeting (for the very first time) my teeny tiny new nephew Aiden Jay. of course, the first time i held him he screamed and cried because he had never seen me before, but sure enough as soon as i started making faces at him and poking out my tongue he smiled and even laughed at me while i held him. there he was, chatting away about god knows what.. he didn't make any sense, but nevertheless it was adorable. such a shame he lives all the way down in Canberra with my sister. i will definately have to visit more often. there's a picture. i just want to squish his little face aahhh so cute!

also, like my guitar? it was a gift from a few friends a while back, and i am slowly getting the hang of it. at the moment i'm attempting to play Sara Bereilles's "Winter Song".

bye for now


  1. He looks a real sweetie Rhi. Now that your Christmas job has finished you want to get a pt job quick smart and start saving to go visit him often. He will grow up so fast!

  2. Hi Rhee!

    He is adorable! I can't think of anything I love to do more than cuddle with a sweet little baby...two of my daughters are expecting in the Spring, so we are getting very excited!