December 17, 2010

Saturday. results

we received our senior schooling results today. each person who completes secondary college (year 12) receives a QCE - Queensland Certificate of Education. we also receive an OP score - Overall Position. it's set on a scale from 1 being the highest achievement to 25 being the lowest. OP1s are quite difficult to acquire; but well worth the effort i believe, as they garantee you entry into any course you desire at university. most schools aim for their students to receive an OP1 - OP10.
i awoke this morning bright and early, eager to find out my results. the course i listed as my first preference for university next year is a Bachelor in Education - Primary. teaching. this requires an OP between 1 and 13.
i received an OP9! this means i am almost certainly going to study at my preferenced university, doing the course ive always known i would love.
oh dear. i guess it's time to think about growing up then..



  1. Hi Rea,what wonderful news for you and your family as I am sure they are bursting with pride for you,I am sorry I haven't commented for awhile things have just gotten so busy,I am glad I had a peek with my 5 mins to spare..well done sweetie,guess it is growing up time,got here fast didn't it lol..have a lovely weekend.Carole xx

  2. Hi Rhee!

    Congratulations smart girl! I know that your mom and dad are so proud of you! I think it's wonderful that you want to be a teacher - what an honorable profession, teaching children!

    Warm hugs,