November 28, 2010

Monday. identity

what's in a name? would a rose, by any other name, smell as sweet? individualism is cherished and praised in most places around the world. we, and we alone, decide how we want to be viewed by others. what we want associated with our names. what images, colours, scenes, come to mind when you think of someone close to you? when naming children, we often steer clear of names of people who have done us wrong in the past. superstition perhaps? my name is rhiannon; this means "nymph". however, i was almost named kimberley; which means "royal forest" or "meadow". the truth is, there is no personality trait associated with any one name. identity is flexible. we have the power to redefine who we are, and how we are perceived as a person.
what's in a name?



  1. Hi Rhee!

    Interesting question - what is in a name? My name is Barbara, which means, strange or foreigner. I might be a little odd, but strange?! I'm not a foreigner, I've lived here all my life. Rhiannon, is a very beautiful name, and being a nymph isn't really a bad thing, is it? I think we are who we are - no matter how hard a person tries to change, he is who he is - and that's who he should be.

    Fun post!


  2. Kim is of Vietnamese origin and it means golden~!

    You have a beautiful name Rhiannon that matches the beautiful girl that you are~!

  3. Your name suits you in every way Rhee :)

    My daughters name is Brigitte, which in German, Gaelic and French means 'strength'.

    'Brighid' was also the Irish Goddess of poetry and wisdom.

    I can tell you, that she is indeed strong in character, temprement and physical being, poetry in motion when she dances, and wise beyond her years. Since she was tiny, we've said she's 'been here before'.

    Which comes first...the chicken or the egg, eh?

    I think we parents know many little secrets deep in our subconscious when we name our children.

    For you, a beautiful and unique name for a beautiful and unique young lady.