June 20, 2013

Thursday 20th - Stevenage & Wicked

Stayed overnight with my great aunt Freda. So many of them still live in the village. Stopped by to see grandma for a while before we got the train back to London. Cried leaving her. 
Walking through the town to reach the rail, we found another chocolate shop! Couldn't believe we found Tim Tams in there. We haven't even reached Switzerland yet!
After unpacking and repacking our bags back at our London hotel, though we'd try our luck with last minute theatre tickets two hours before the show started. Couldn't believe we scored dress circle seats right in the middle! Ugh wicked. Will never grow tired of that show. Couldn't believe mum hadn't seen it before, all the shows we've seen together. Elephaba was pretty much phenomenal. That vibrato. UHHH so good! And had never heard it before with English accents. 
Row of grade ten students behind us torturing every song during interval. 
Scotland tomorrow!


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