June 17, 2013

Sunday 16th - holy harrods!

Spent the entirety of Sunday eating cake waiting for the shops to open. In aus they open around 10am on a Sunday. Here it's more like 1230. After a giant hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate mousse cake, and a quick visit to a tourist shop next door (shot glasses, snow globes, 'keep calm' mugs)  we went over the road to harrods where hundreds of people were lining up outside the doors. 
Apparently we stumbled upon their once a year end of financial year sale! Talk about lucky. As soon as the doors opened one crazy lady pushes everyone assigned and ran to the Gucci counter. I'm guessing she had a game plan because not long after she had things put away under the desk (they didn't start serving until an hour after opening) and had rushed off in another direction. We were fine moseying through at our own pace. We weren't set on buying anything as harrods is notoriously expensive. The sheer size of the place was staggering. Like a Westfield in one shop. There was an entire floor almost all dedicated to food. Grapes and vines covered the ceiling and they had so many counters and sections. A whole room and then some for candy and sweets. A huge cabinet filled with rabbit, game, almost anything - pies. Baguettes and giant meringues in various flavours. Cupcakes and cakes and slices and a deli and a "fromagery" lol. So much food! I wasn't expecting so much in a department store. We bought some baguettes and salads to take back to the hotel for lunch. 
Needless to say we for lost several times somewhere between the pizzeria and the chocolate cafe and the floors and floors of discounted shoes and fur coats and crystal homewares. We picked up some bags and supplies from the gift shop. New bag for Uni big enough for my laptop and text books with a big gold "harrods" on the front.
Tuesday is another shopping day, but we've found an actual Westfield nearby! 


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