June 7, 2013

friday. BriBry(ontour) live in Brisbane! #growtour

Bribry. What a gorgeous, charming, talented man he is. Saw his Brisbane gig on the #growtour tonight. Sweet little venue, at The Waiting Room @ West End. Right next to a Grill'd. Ayesha and I spent all night craving strawberry/lime rekorderlig, which we ended up sneaking out during signings to get. By the time we had had a full meal and a drink, the poor guy was still signing things and taking photos with a crowd of teenage girls. Not excluding us I must say, but he must be used to that by now.

Fairly sure Ayesha & I were the oldest ones there apart from the man himself. Felt a little out of place in a room of 14 year old girls, but once he started singing ugh. Just want to jump his face.

he signed my iphone case ughh

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  1. Jump his face? Ha! Didn't 'ughh' mean yuck? I must be getting old!