June 21, 2013

Friday 21st - Scotland / Edinburgh

Getting on a train soon to our next stop - Edinbrough, Scotland. 4 hour train from kings cross station. Packing like a madman, trying to hit everything in. All souvenirs and gifts we've bought so far have already been boxes up and posted home, but still our suitcases seem to shrink...
Our bags are ridiculously heavy. I think we injured our cab driver. Shame our train wasn't on platform 9(3/4). We're in a quiet carriage. It's not that quiet. I have a few hours supply of chocolate. Strawberry & yoghurt filled Cadbury bar and Tim tams. Oh Europe. 
So the countryside is really flat. Also we could see the (north?) sea on the train ride over! Gorgeous scenery. Fields if canola flowers and red poppies and sheep and cattle and the angel of the north. 

It's not as cold as I expected, but lets not  jinx it. Jeans and a jacket weather. Wandered the streets (we meet our tour group tomorrow night) and found a small strip of markets. Bought some felt hair clips. Have been looking at similar ones on etsy for months! Love felt jewellery and hair accessories. 
There are a lot more homeless people with hats out huddled under blankets than I remember the being in London, which surprised me. 
Scotland feels so liveable. London was busy and packed tight with businessmen or tourists. Edinbrough, or what we've seen of it so far, is so much more relaxed. So many locals. Not so much a big city feel. I could see myself living here. 
Stopped by a pub near our hotel on the way back. Their equivalent of rekorderlig was so good. Strawberry and line cider. Had a drink with ma sitting at the bar and chatted to the bartenders - one from Australia, the rest with GORGEOUS Scottish accents. Ohhh I don't think I could ever grow sick of it. 
Had a relaxing bath and broke out the warmest fluffiesy bath robes you've ever seen. 
More exploring tomorrow. 

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