June 13, 2013

Friday 14th - Singapore stopover

Oh dear! This airport is so big it has its own currency! And a sunflower garden! In fact, there are gardens everywhere...
The ride over took 8 hours total. We arrived in Singapore at 5am local time. Who eats breakfast at 4am? Apparently us. Also i downloaded game of thrones to watch on the flight, but turns out they had it included in their on flight entertainment! 
Not quite sure how I'm still awake on so little sleep. We are currently sitting in the 'ambassador lounge'. Comfy chairs and free wifi! Time to catch up on the bachelorette while we wait for our 6 hour stopover to end. After our next 12 hour flight, we should arrive in London around 8pm? It will look freaking stunning, all the city lights! Lets hope we pass some landmarks on the way to our hotel!

Speak soon

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