June 4, 2013

etsy favourites: feather butterfly hair clips

my current favourites (possible regular post series?) are feather butterfly hairclips.

i've been ordering and wearing feather butterfly hair clips for a while now - i simply love the way they look. i usually try and stay away from the crafty ones, going for a more 'real' look (i like to think people do a double-take when they see it passing by!).
as they are made literally of feathers they do seem to wear down fast depending on how often you wear them and how well you keep them. it's safe to say i haven't kept mine very well - i only have one large orange monarch butterfly left! my new order consists of more 'blingy' butterflies from just the one etsy seller BlissfulSilks. I've ordered 8 in total - red, green, black, and white. some jumbo, some smaller. I often wear my hair 'some up some down' and like to put one or two of them at the back to hide the bobby pins. here are a few pictures from my current order

very different to the kind i usually buy  (see below)
they do take a week or two to arrive in australia from overseas, but here's hoping they get here in time to take to europe! check them out here:
what are your etsy favourites?!

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