April 29, 2013

monday. hunting

i am constantly hunting for something - that perfect pair of boots, a certain vintage skirt, a bell-adorned bracelet...

at the moment, i'm on the lookout for a new coin purse. my current wallet, a black faux snakeskin clutch, is worn down and the zipper has not worked for weeks! i'm hunting for a coin purse that won't break the bank. Something tall that i can fit a few cards in along with some change and most importantly my keys!
Etsy ( is PERFECT for little hand-made things like this - but oh the shipping costs! almost as dear as the purse itself! hunting around Myer today, they were all $30+ ... for something so small, there's no way i'm paying more than $20!

Here are a few i've fallen in love with on Etsy (courtesy of fabricstory & littlecottonstudio)

hmm... i think i will order the first one pictured! total of $22.99 including shipping! score!


  1. Cute fabric, Rhi, and the trim just under the metal is quite sweet. I like it very much and I'm not usually the girly type. The shape of the bag is much younger-looking to me. For some obscure reason the bottom pic looks like my grandma's coin purse !~! Maybe it's the color. But, yes, I love the first one pictured and think it will look snappy at Disney, don't you?

  2. yes, the bottom one is a bit a more of a vintage-y design. that does it, i'm ordering now! hopefully it doesn't get lost in transit. Rhi

  3. Wise choice Rhi! Classic in style and delicate floral print. My dearly departed Nan had one exactly the same as the bottom one also Lynda.

  4. Top one for me brainer really lol....Hope you have some money left to put in it.xx( not a bad price either).