May 31, 2011

wednesday. phew

WOAH. okay. okay. time to breathe.

holy senorita i've been hella' busy lately! someone mentioned im quite busy these days and i sort've realised that yes. it's actually hard to find a spare hour or two to relax in my weekly scheduling. ready?

Monday - uni all day til 5pm
Tuesday - uni then work until 11pm
Wednesday - uni then dance class all night.
Thursday - uni then dance class all night.
Friday - uni til 6pm, then work til 1am saturday morning!
Saturday - recover from work, then off to work again around 4pm.
Sunday - Fame again for seven hours until it's basically dark.

how on earth do i find time for friends and special people and movies and baking chocolate puddings in this mess!! next week we are able to schedule our university times for semester 2,so hopefully this time i wont be silly and choose five days a week. it's been difficult even to find time to study or do assignments with all this work and extracurricular activities. oh dear.

but it's okay, calm down. breathe. it's almost holidays. although two weeks of those i will be at dance class every day ...

i am thankful for planning ahead and OCDish organisation

bye for now


  1. Tis a shame your pt hours are at times when most teenagers are out having fun at the movies etc. I worry about you, perhaps you could request different/shorter shifts so that you are not working well past midnight and into the next day.

    I am so proud of how well you are doing at Uni -well done!

  2. unfortunately it's due to my silly uni and fame hours which force me to take those shifts - i have no other time to work!