March 21, 2011

monday. collaborative learning

warning. more teacher talk.

as children, we've been taught to obey authority. this is drummed into our heads every day at school. think about it. we are conditioned to move about the school grounds at the sound of a bell. we are taught to behave dfferently around teachers and authority figures in the school yard, as opposed to our mates in the playground. we are conditioned to this traditional way of teaching. it's a safe option for us. however, it's not the only way to learn. in this traditional method, the tutor spits out knowledge in our general direction until our ears bleed. we mostly learn through silence every day, in rows of desks across the room. every day. every year.

fortunately for our future generations, however, the education system is changing. slowly but surely, classrooms are for the first time adopting new teaching methods. new, creative ways to teach our children. to get them involved in their learning. in these interactive classrooms, teachers will no longer regurgitate information at our kids. instead, they will work as partners in learning. partners in gaining and understanding knowledge. partners. they will be engaging all senses. they will no longer be listening to information six hours a day, five days a week. they will be interacting with their environment. interacting with each other. as a collaborative partner. learning through experience, not just theory. educating children through learner-based practices instead of teacher-based.

it excites me.

bye for now

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