March 27, 2011

monday. metaphor

If a classroom of learners were an orchestra, the teacher would be the conductor. The job of the conductor is to direct the musicians to produce their best work in a collaborative environment. To work as a whole to produce energy that flows and moves about the space. The job of the conductor is not to make the music, but rather to lead it in the right direction.

I believe this metaphor can be used to express the energy and collaborative learning that takes place in the classroom. However, this metaphor is limited in that it only includes the musicians learning as a whole; as a team. It does not allow for one-on-one interaction with the teacher or “conductor”. The conductor can not stop during an orchestral piece to work with any one musician. In these ways, it cannot be applied to the classroom setting.

i am thankful for self-reflection and self-evaluation lessons.

bye for now

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