November 17, 2010

Wednesday. nature or nurture?

the nature/nurture debate is something i find very interesting and thought provoking.. i have heard both sides of this debate many times at school, as i took both biology and study of society as electives during my senior years.
some people believe that when a someone is born, it is their environment that shapes who they will become as a person. this is the sociological perspective. they believe that children are a blank canvas, ready to be painted with whatever colours and images those around them see fit. there are so many different sociological theories surrounding the behavioural and psychological development of children, and how they are effected by their surroundings as they mature - right from infantry. the other side of the debate argues that people are born with certain characteristics; predispositioned for violence and aggression, perhaps... or born with an unbelievable musical talent. both sides of this debate are reasonable, and provide evidence to support. so much so, that i believe both theories to be right; but only to an extent.
i have myself witnessed great joy in the past few weeks, with the arrival of two new little nephews and a second cousin. born into homes full of love and adoration.


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