November 13, 2010

Saturday. vacation

so i have almost officially graduated from high school, and i can't help but feel a little empty. school runs most of our lives when we're adolescents - we dedicate our weekends and time after school to homework and assignments, plus the obvious six hours a day, five days a week that we actually spend at school. so now that we've almost finished, now that we're on vacation, what exactly are we meant to do with our time?
most people my age answer with sleeping or just chilling out. but when you're used to having your friends nearby for six hours every day, and suddenly you now have to make an effort in order to catch up with them, chilling out isn't that easy anymore. we have no school work or assignments to finish on vacation. no real responsibilities (unless we're working part time). nothing urgent to take up our time. nothing purposeful. just eager, nerve-racking ancitipation as we wait to enter the next phase of our lives. adulthood. eugh


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