November 13, 2010

Saturday. arias

the Arias are music awards held in australia, for mostly australian artists. in previous years, it's suffered with ratings and the general structure of the awards show has been a bit ... dodgy (to say the least).
this year was no different. when you talk about the music industry, as large a concept as that term covers, you expect a certain standard. a certain amount of style and extravogance. this year, they for some reason decided to hold the awards not inside the Sydney Opera House (an amazing venue) - but rather on the steps outside the building. what? why? there was no set stage or seating - the artists and band members stood and drank with other industry names in a huge mass. there were award presenters and hosts sprinkled around the mass. when the musicians actually realised they had won an award, (when band PowderFinger were finally tracked down they had to ask the presenters what the award was actually for) they then had to dodge through everyone to try and find the presenters - who were so mismatched and ridiculously unrehearsed it was actually funny. one presenter, Jessica Mauboy (previous winner of Australian Idol) was reading the autocue and incorrectly cited "debut" as "de-butt"... she did this multiple times. i could have cried.
but really, the awards were in shambles. some musicians were rumoured to actually be high at the point of their award acceptance. add together awkward, mismatched presenters and hoards of drunk industry members and you have yourself one giant afterparty looking awards ceremony. you've done it again, australia. i guess that's what you get in one of the most relaxed, blasé countries in the world.


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