November 15, 2010

Monday. perspective

have you ever looked into a mirror, only to see through another mirror? double reflections.. ever held a mirror up behind your head to see what your hair looks like? maybe gone into a change room where on every wall hung a full length mirror, and looking into one meant looking through to another? i hope i havn't lost you yet..
i find myself lost in these reflections; these reflections that seem to give a whole new image of what was previously there. to see yourself from a new angle, from a new perspective. to see yourself how others see you. to see yourself and, just for a moment, mistake your own reflection for someone else.
ive often stood outside a classroom, looking behind me via the reflective windows, thinking.. this must be how new students see the grounds. unfamiliar and confusing. am i making sense?



  1. Hi Rhee!

    You are a natural! I love reflections, we all look different even to ourselves sometimes, depending on the "reflection". I am a reflection of my father in so many ways! But people tell me all the time, that I look just like my mother! I think I am a reflection of myself, with reflections of so many who have influenced my life thrown in to make "me". Even though Kimmie is not your mom, I think you are such a wonderful reflection of her . . . she is right, you have the same heartsong...:0)

    Try putting a mirror behind you and one in front of you. Look into the mirror in front of you, and you will be able to see into eternity, for it will just go on and on and on!


  2. Yes lovely you are. A strange and wonderful thing, this reflections thing.

  3. Hi Rhee! I am catching up reading your blogs and this one is interesting as when I look in the mirror I see an older person looking back being in my 60's it is a shock as on the inside the 25 year old is horrified as she finds another hair grew on her chin or lip overnight!!! Also this is a little bit like hearing a recording of your voice as we sound different in reality to what we hear ourselves,strange isn't it.Love your blog.Carole xx