November 12, 2010

Friday. gaga

the music industry has produced some pretty amazing talent thus far. sometimes, there are artists that stand out from the rest. sometimes there are artists that create their own style and genre. lady gaga is a genius in my opinion. the fact that she can wear ridiculous costumes and be in general pretty outrageous, and be renowned for it, is something i find admirable though oddly confusing. it's one thing to have talent, but it's another thing to be unique and make your mark. in the short time she's been out in the industry, she's attracted so much attention from her out there outfits and controversial video clips that she's probably more known for that than for her actual music.
however, for some insane reason, this is also why some people don't like her.. which is really quite silly in my opinion. to dislike someone and their music purely because you don't understand their unique style and dont approve of their individual choices in the music industry is silly. if we go through life with the same sounding artists and bands, there can obviously be no progression.


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